Copied / pasted cell formatting from Excel not showing in Layout 2021

Ok, this used to work.

The old behavior when pasting it would past as an image. Not bad if you didnt care about the pixelization.


you could create a single cell table, click into that table then paste data from Excel. When doing this, it would paste the formatting and then show just fine when backing out to the normal work space.


It will not paste an image when coping from Excel. It will just past a table. When clicking into this table it will show the same formatting as excel, background colors, etc. But, when backing out it does not show any of this formatting, just black text. Click back into the table and it will show it, back out and it’s gone again.

WTF!!! How do I make it show the formatting? Also, WHY!!! Why you guys keep changing things and not giving us options to revert back to the old way of doing it. So frustrating!!1

Please tell me how to get formatting back!

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But it used to work with the workflow above. It’s way easier, faster to be able to sort a table in excel for the data that you want/need. Copy / paste the data to the sheet in Layout. move on.

Your workflow means i need to create separate tables in the excel file, save it… insert it to every sheet, etc… crazy.

Besides, the formatting data is there. If you click into the data you can see the formatting, why not just show it? wtf?

ugh. whatever.

What is ‘good’ to one person may not be for another. ‘good’ is relative. Copy/paste is fast, easy and when creating many sheets that are used once, it’s not always necessary to have original sources connected.

I see how it can be beneficial in many cases, although not in many others. Versatility I imagine is a possible reason why cutting/pasting exists in the first place.

Why does it exist in layout if it’s not to be used. Also, why would such a drastic change in how it interacts with external data and not be able to revert.

Also, why does it just not show the formatting? That’s the part i dont get, because it used to work then they broke it.

I dont need it connected to the original content in this case, just the content.

Seems crazy it would work one way then change in the next revision. It breaks peoples workflows.

It just happened in SketchUp as well with the sticky toggles. It’s just very frustrating to continuously run into these types of issues in this software suite when it’s seemingly avoidable… or i guess not, it’s just to be expected in this case.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Why do you think i’m upset? I’m enjoying our discourse, was hoping for a reply.

: )


I’m actually curious if this is considered a bug since it now works a different way than it used to, and might be fixed?

It would be really nice to be able to cut/paste formatting from excel and have it visible in the same way that it used to.