Can't Import Excel Spreadsheet as live text in LayOut 2018



I anyone else having this issue? In all the previous verions of LayOut I have been able to copy and paste from Excel directly into LayOut and have the table and the text be editible. This doesn’t appear to be working in LayOut 2018. It just brings in the copy as an image. I was able to paste it into a LayOut 2017 document and then save to 2018.


Did you try using File>Insert?


Hi lwmcniel, we had introduced a bug when copy and pasting from an excel file. The process Dave has described will still allow you to import the excel file.

sorry for the inconvenience.



will the new bug be eliminated?



And thank you both. I tried it and it worked! Whew! I’m a landscape
architect and I do all my lists and schedules in Excel!

Glad the program isn’t broken!



Following up on lwmcniel’s comment: will the bug be eliminated so that data from an excel file can be cut and pasted directly into Layout?


Hi mdwhitticar, this is important and an issue that we want to have fixed.


Will the issue be resolved soon?


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