Can't copy spreadsheet into Layout

With my old version of Excel I used to be able to do a Shift+Edit, Copy to copy a portion of a spreadsheet into SU Layout. Now with Excel 2018 instead of Excel 2008, it only copies a portion of what I’m trying to copy, like a strange screen shot. Is there a way to copy sections of a spreadsheet into Layout in this new version? I do this frequently to show various characteristics, costs and revenues of my model in my presentation.

No need to double post.

I wasn’t sure the issue got posted to my “real” account. I was having trouble logging into that last night. I had to go through my browser logins & Ids to login that way.


Then I guess I will have to wait for someone else to answer. I’m not going back to that “other” account on purpose. Trimble seems to default to that for some reason, particularly after I upgrade SU.

I’m afraid if I log back into that “rogue” account I won’t be able to log back into the right (this) one again.

I just gave you the link to the thread where I replied to you. You don’t have to be logged in under the other account to read it. Good grief!

OK, I got it now, and it worked. But it is more complicated than the old cut and paste method available in Excel 2008. I guess that method of onscreen copying is not an option anymore. Sigh…

It has never been a good idea to copy something and paste it into LayOut. The copy operation creates a temporary file for the reference LayOut uses. That temporary file will be deleted and then you have no connection between the original file and the view of it in LayOut.

Using File>Insert uses the actual file as the reference instead of a temporary file. That means if you need to update the spreadsheet you can then update the reference in LayOut and have the changes displayed.

If that method is too much work for you, you could take a screen shot of the spreadsheet and insert that. At least it wouldn’t be subject to disappearing because of a deleted reference.

Is there ever a connection to Excel from Layout anyway?

Yes. If you use File>Insert but you said that’s too much work.

It is more work.
But if I do it the File->Insert way, what happens if I adjust the column widths? Will that knock out adjoining items on the same layout page, or just shrink everything to fit in the same space?

Experiment with it and see for yourself.