Mac Layout 2019: File: Insert: Excel 2011 .xlsx file ... absolutely nothing happens :(

I’m experiencing some frustration trying to insert an Excel table into LayOut 2019 on my Mac

After I click File: Insert: and Open for the desired Excel file (which it allows me to do — not greyed out), then nothing happens. The expected Excel Reference Options dialog box asking to choose the sheet, doesn’t appear and then nothing. Focus returns to the page.

Is there an issue with this feature on MacOS, or a compatibility issue with my older version of Excel?(though an .xlsx file should be forward compatible regardless).

Any insights or experience that would help me resolve this would be most appreciated.

I can either File/Insert, to then get the Excel import options, or I can drag and drop an xlsx file, and both work.

Do you have an example file that fails?

Thanks for the quick response Colin.

Every file fails, including a brand new Layout file and new Excel file.

You can see from this that it should work.

All the drag methodes should give you a response when you drag over to your LO page. Does it work with a txt file?

Keep in mind;…

  1. that the table in the film is started at Sheet1:A0. Like in the film, you can insert the .xlsx, you can drag the file but you can also drag the little icon next to the excel document title to your layout page. If you need a table somewhere else then you have to insert and adjust the location in the dialog. The dialog will also show up when you drag the file onto your page and right click on that table and choose “Excel reference options”.

  2. if you add an excel table on to your LO page. Then change your sheet somewhere, in Excel, and save it again. Add a second ( same or different ) table on a LO page. You wil get old data. Even when you drag a table from the new saved version you have to update the reference ( right click on the table - “Update table reference” )

  3. You can copy paste a table directly from excel, but the size is different and there is no connection to the original .xlsx file.

HTH. Just my ₿0,02