Can't copy spreadsheet intoLayout

With my old version of Excel I used to be able to do a Shift+Edit, Copy to copy a portion of a spreadsheet into SU Layout. Now with Excel 2018 instead of Excel 2008, it only copies a portion of what I’m trying to copy, like a strange screen shot. Is there a way to copy sections of a spreadsheet into Layout in this new version? I do this frequently to show various characteristics, costs and revenues of my model in my presentation.

Why don’t you try doing it like it’s designed to work and see if you get the results you want? Save the spreadsheet as a .xlsx file. Then in LayOut, use File>Insert and select the spreadsheet file. Set the range of cells you want to show and finish inserting it.

If you paste the copied data into a new Excel spreadsheet, does it look correct, or the same as it does in LayOut?

As I wrote in his other thread on the exact same topic, copying and pasting into LayOut is not a good idea because it creates a reference to a temporary file which is guaranteed to be deleted. Better to use File>Insert and insert the spreadsheet .xlsx file.