Layout limiting Excel imports ... or something along those lines

I import Excel sheets for finish, electrical, door, and window schedules. Suddenly, Layout will not recognize a new import. I select File/Insert and select the file in the Finder, and then nothing happens.

Now when I select the other imports in Layout, the dropdown box in Layout, the sheet name is blank, and no options are available. I open a new Layout file and cannot insert the Excel files in the original file.

I started a new Excel file, which successfully inserts into the new Layout file. So, I paste the new table I want to insert, and the file will not insert.

Other file types, such as PNG, insert fine. I closed all programs and restarted the PC to free memory, and no success.

Is anyone experiencing anything like this?

I had multiple spreadsheets in one Excel file. All but one will insert. If I remove the top header line, the file inserts.

I have no idea why the header on this spreadsheet breaks the insert. But it does. Please take a look and see if this happens to you.

This doesn’t (15.0 KB)

I don’t know why it breaks but adding a row at the top in a spreadsheet app seems to fix it. Set the import range to A2:Whatever and the added top row won’t show.

Something to note here is that when the File>Insert breaks (which I will pinpoint where free) due to the header condition, it breaks all the existing Excel file inserts completed previously.

After some testing, on a new download of your ZIP file, I unmerged Finishes – C1, D1, E1, F1 and then immediately re-merged them and was able to insert the “broken” file into Layout.

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