Table Excel Insert LO 2017 lost cells & Sheets

Hi Gurus,
I’m experiencing some problems when inserting an excel spreadsheet into Layout.
Firstly, the “Excel Reference Options” Sheet drop-down will only show one or two of the sheets. The only work around is to move the sheet i want to the first sheet position within the excel file.
Secondly, Most of the formatting and even some of the data is lost after insert. Notably the merged cells are no longer merged and all cells have borders even though they were clear on the original document. One larger sheet (design summary) loses all data from half way down the page and formatting is lost. The other sheet (PVSyst Summary) has all the data but the cell borders are all shown and merged cells are unmerged. see attached…

170313 Excel Import.pdf (285.1 KB)

I’m surprised to see most of the behavior with the cell borders and merged cells. If you want to upload the excel file I can investigate.

When there’s missing data, it usually indicates that the data is using some formatter that LayOut doesn’t handle yet - perhaps a custom format? Figure out which cell is the first one to go missing in LayOut, and try switching it to a different one of the default Excel formats.

Finally, if you’re generating the Excel file through a different application such as Google Docs, you may have better results if you open & save it in Excel before inserting into LayOut. We know of several cases where Google Docs generates non-standard Excel files that our importer library doesn’t handle.


Hi Marc,
I was very unimpressed with the excel import feature. I was hoping it was
at least as good as autocad.
Attached is the spreadsheet as requested.
Please do not distribute either the original or modified versions.

Hi Marc,
Whats the verdict?

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