Import Excel into Layout

Good Day All,
I am having LOTS of trouble inserting an excel drawing into Layout! I get the excel file looking as I would like it. I keep trying different page sizes to see it that helps? So far no… So “for now” I am making the excel page 8 inches wide by whatever length it comes out to be. Since I print Layout at 11 x 17, I can put two pages or parts of pages side by side on one sheet. IE if my page is 8 x 16… I put first half on left of page and other half on the right. I do not know if the “newer” versions of Layout Excel have better data handling abilities, or if its just more bells and whistles and deep under the hood things haven’t changed much? I am using SU and Layout 2017 Pro among with old 2007 excel, I am uploading the newer Excel now. Will updating give me a “WYSIWUG” views of my Excel file in Layout? Any advise is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Mattee

I responded to your post on this topic at Sketchucation.

Thanks Dave. I
ll go look for it there !