Importing .xlsx file to Layout

Hi all.
I’ve got an FFE schedule created in Google Sheets that I exported to .xlsx format for import to a sheet in layout. I (think) I’ve used the exact same method in the past and have had success but in trying it this week, I’m hitting a snag.
The import process works just fine but, when clicking to active the spreadsheet in layout, the beachball spinsandspinsandspins, taking an inordinate amount of time (maybe 10-15 seconds) to initialize the commands I’m attempting to use, for formatting/editing the spreadsheet.

Ideas to smooth the process?

Thanks in advance!

  • Marta

How large is the .xlsx file? Are you using File>Insert to add it?

Can you share the LO file with the spreadsheet?

Thanks for the reply.
.xlsx file is 106KB. And yep, I used the File > Insert command.
Happy to share the file but when trying to upload it here, I received the message that it’s too big. Any other way I can share it with you?

Upload the LO file to Drop Box and share the link. If the file isn’t something you shouldput out into public, click on my name here and then Message. Send the link in a private message to me. I won’t share it?

Thanks Dave! Eager for your diagnosis!

I’ll look. Since this file appears to have client info I would suggest you edit your post and delete the link. Maybe also go to DropBox and remove the file since I have it now.