Inserting tables in LO

I want to know how other people import tables into LO.

I realize that you can create tables natively but they are a bit basic and do not allow formulae, as spreadsheets do. You have to use Excel or Numbers for that but importing from them seems tricky.

If you cut and paste, the quality of the image is poor. If you create a PDF first, the quality is good but you get a lot of blank space. I guess that could be removed using an image editor but, you know, I have a life outside work…

I just wondered if anyone had found an elegant and simple way of importing a table created externally into LO?

Are you trying to import every sheet as an image? Or are you using File Menu -> Insert which imports .csv or Excel spreadsheets straight into a Layout table. Once imported, the text will be editable and the same quality as the text generated in Layout’s own table or any other text in Layout.

If you’re importing sheets with images or graphs made by your spreadsheet, can you show us an example of the poor quality?

When I import tables I use File>Insert, select the .XLSX file and enter the range of cells I want to see. Straightforward and it maintains the link to the spreadsheet containing the original document.

I am on a Mac and use Numbers. If I want to import straight from that, I select the table (or part of it) and copy it to the clipboard. Then simply paste into LO. That produces a legible but low res image.

LO will not allow me to import from a Numbers file. However, I could export an Excel file first and then do as @McGordon and @DaveR suggest. It’s then a two step process but it might be the best solution. I will try it.

Just done it using an Excel file and that does the trick. It’s actually very quick.

Thanks guys!

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