Inserting spread sheet

I inserted a spread sheet (door list) into my lay out doc. The first time I exported it to PDF it look a bit faded. I made some changes to the drawings and hit save. Then another export/pdf/print. This time the spread sheet table looks like a printer running out of ink? The rest of the layout doc is ok? I tried to “bring object to front”, and re-insert?


Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got.

File too big?

Upload to Dropbox and share the link. If you can’t make it public, send the link to me in PM.

I’m will do that, thanks

I don’t know how to do this? I uploaded it to dropbox, but I don’t know how to get it over to this site?


Hover over the file name and click on the Share button.

Click on Create link in the lower right corner.

Click on Copy link in the lower right corner.

Paste the link in a forum post.

thanks DaveR

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Got it. Are you referring to the spreadsheet in the upper left corner of sheet 5? The one in the lower right corner on the sheet is also an image as are the ones on the other sheets.

You’ve inserted it as an image so it’s not going to look real great. Text like this almost never looks good as raster image.

I’ve exported the PDF setting the quality to High. It’s not terrible but it would be a whole lot better if you inserted the spreadsheet as an XLSX file instead so you’d have vector text.

Would suggest removing the link now since your phone number and address as well as the client’s are on the document and this is a public forum.


If you can not import the actual spreadsheet like DaveR recommended, you can increase the resolution of the actual image.

Select the right-click on the image in LO and select Open with …

In your case, I increased the image from 72dpi to 300dpi. Once you save it in you image editor, the image in LO should update automatically. Be sure to export at a high setting.

It looks a lot better :slight_smile:

I think I cut and pasted? cmdC/cmdV

I will try This:
XLSX file?
Do I save the spreadsheet this way, I am not familiar?

Save the spreadsheet as a .xlsx file (standard Excel file type) and then use File>Insert to insert it. You can specify the range of cells you want to show and then in Shape style control whether or not borders and background fill are present.

Generally it’s not a great idea to copy and paste into LayOut because this creates a temporary reference file that will get deleted by the operating system.

Thank You

I will try this, you have been a great help to me along the way.


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… also… because you did the File> Insert, it is is now linked to the original spreadsheet and if the spreadsheet data changes, it can be updated automatically in LO.

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great to know