Inserting tables to Layout


Inserting a PDF table to Layout, adjusting the blue frame the entire document distorts in size. Can anyone tell me how to fit the document to the sheet, preserving the original size of the file, without distorting the table and text? Thanks!


Try holding shift when scaling, works in other programs too.


Thanks, that worked.
Is it possible to ‘crop’ the document inserted into Layout? For example, I insert an A4-size doc, which overlaps the LO file. I wasn’t able to resize the document to ‘trim’ it to fit the sheet.


Yup, you can use the rectangle shape tool, make rectangle/shape that you want, in the position you want. Move your image/pdf so that they overlap. Select both, Right-Click and select “Create a clipping mask”.
You can always double click it in the future to modify it.


Thanks very much. I’m having trouble with this process. On my mac, not able to select both inserted file and LO doc at the same time. Could you please confirm the steps?

  1. insert PDF 2.create rectangle box 3. place PDF over LO doc.
    When I select both, the rectangle disappears. Also, I’m not able to select both PDF and LO doc at the same time.


-Place a shape over an image or model.
-Select both the shape and the image or model.
-Context-click. The context menu is displayed.
-Select the Create Clip Mask menu item. A clipping mask is created.


Thanks again. I’ll give it a try in the morning.
On another note - I’m finding that even though I set the line weights to very fine (0.1) and also adjusting the color from black to grey, when I export to PDF the line weights appear very heavy - not ideal presentation quality. Any suggestions?


hmm, I’ve never been picky when it comes to printing, so I don’t have any suggestions. Usually exporting in high quality is good enough for me,

We are talking about the lines/boxes you draw in Layout right? Or do you mean the lines from imported SketchUp drawing? The line weight settings only affect the lines drawn from the tools in Layout, won’t affect any imported documents.


You set the line weight of SketchUp models in the SketchUp model tray. The setting applies to edges (that in SketchUp have a line weight of 1 (screen pixel) and the other SketchUp lineweights are rendered as multiples of this.



Changing the line weight in the SU model tray makes no difference in the PDF line weights.
Adjusting the line weights in Shape-Style and even the color (from black to grey) registers in the LO file, but again, not in the PDF, which is what the client sees!


I don’t know what you are doing but it works for me. See a screenshot from a PDF I just exported:

Both SketchUp views are vector rendered, the other with a lineweight of 4 pt, the other with 0.5 pt.
If your lines are thin, the Acrobat viewer will make them look similar unless you zoom in close.

Is your display driver up to date (just a hunch)?



I’m seeing the PDF in PREVIEW. But the printouts have had the same heavy lines.

I’m rendering in Vector as well. Your lines are drawn in LO, correct?


No, these are SketchUp model views, with their lineweight set in the SketchUp Model tray. Nothing added in LayOut.



My issue is with Scrapbooks symbols. The line weights for LO symbols can be adjusted in Shape-Style. And the changes do appear in the LO document. But in the export process to PDF, the lines become heavier.
The issue is not with the viewer, because the printouts have the same, much heavier, lines.


Here are two Scrapbook figures on my LO page:

And here, the same as exported to a PDF document:

To me they look identical. When you are editing a LO page in a full page view, differences in lineweights do not show as they are zoomed out and LO keeps all lines visible. Zoom way in to see what lineweights the items in your scrapbook actually have. You can edit the lineweightsin the scrapbook item (if it is not a raster image) by double-clicking on it.

Edit: I checked the lineweight of the figure outline by opening the PDF in Adobe Illustrator. Both LO and AI say that the line is 1pt.



Well, I still don’t get it. Yes, your figures appear identical. Then why not mine? Even when I edit a Scrapbooks symbol in LO (adjusting the line weight, and even the color by double-clicking on the symbol) there is still a marked difference in line quality.


I am confused as to what the problem really is. I set line weights in SU as Anssi does and they show up exactly as they are supposed to in PDF. I also set other line weights in LO as you suggest and they also show up fine in the PDF. Lines imported from SU to LO and then exported as a working drawing to PDF also show the varying line weights…not as nice as my old hand Drawn lines , but very nice. I have been doing this for many versions of SU although LO is where the real presentation work is done.



Anssi nailed it. As he pointed out, the pixel size is the same in both LO and the PDF. So…the issue must be in the viewer. I’m seeing the PDF in PREVIEW, where the distortion may be occurring. If I zoom in, the distortion decreases as well. There are some minor differences in sharpness between the detailed Scrapbooks symbols in the printout. So I need to create some new symbols that retain their clarity when reduced. For example, 3’ diameter shrub symbols at 1" = 10’ on a 24x36" sheet.
But that’s another issue :blush: