Adjust frame to object


I got a really simple problem, but I can’t find any solution on google or this website.
Here is my problem : I want to adjust the frame of an object to its content (scaled).
By this way, it will be way easier to align several object on my document.
Is there any simple solution to do that?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

What do you mean by “frame”?

If you need to create a frame for your model view that is not rectangular, you can use a clipping mask.

To resize a rectangular view without changing the contents, tick the “preserve scale on resize” box in the SketchUp Model Tray. After that you can drag the view edges from the arrow icons to resize it.


I mean the box that is surrounding an object (or a view), when you got an object scaled, the box keep it size, so you can align the boxes easily but not the content because the box don’t automatically fit the scaled content. (it’s like the function of indesign, when you got an content, you can adjust the box (frame) to exactly fit to the content of the box, so it is very easy to align them with the right size and scale).
I hope I’ve been clear, I can post a pic if it is still not.

Please post the pic.

Thanks for the tip Anssi, actually my content is rectangular too, so I don’t need to use that fonction. (But maybe it can help by overlapping…)

EDIT : I’m making a quick screenshot.

Here are two differents objects that have the same height and the same scale (1/20) but I can’t align them because of the random yellow boxes that won’t fit to the objects…

If you turn Object snap on, you can move the views about by using actual points in the model parts to move and align them. It is not dangerous if the frames slightly overlap if they are invisible anyway. And you can use the method #2 in my previous post to resize the frames.


I tried your advice in several ways, and one seem to work properly by the ‘snap’ fonction (combination of the frame snap and the object snap) . It was activated but I didn’t know that I could use it this way. I doing it MacGyver style but it work!
Thanks for your answers!