How do I insert an image into a bounding box in LayOut?

I am trying to drag and drop an image on my desktop (.png for this file) into an already drawn bounding box on a LayOut template/page. I can drag and drop onto the page, but only the entire image, and not directly into an existing box. Surely there is a way to do this to quickly rip images into LayOut as desired without having to manually crop the image, etc. Anyone have the answer? Aplogies if it’s tragically simple and I just missed it… thank you.

I assume you mean you’ve drawn a rectangle on the page. Insert the PNG file and place the rectangle on top of it. You may need to arrange things so the rectangle is on top of the image. Select both, right click on them and choose Create clipping mask. If you want the rectangle to show, turn on Stroke in Shape Style.

Generally I would insert the image and then draw the rectangle over it. That would get them in the right order to begin with.

Clipping masks can also be used with SketchUp viewports to crop them for insets and the like.

Thank you, Dave. Yes, a rectangle. Your method worked, so thank you– I am however trying to drop an image into a preset/located rectangle and then scale/zoom the image within the rectangle in order to properly display it. Just as you would do in pages, or as you do with models in Layout. Seems one I drop the image in, either method warps the image. If so, it would be a fairly laborious process to perfectly pre-crop images to fit your templates. Surely I’m just missing a simple command or step? Thank you.

What do you mean by warping the image if your rectangle doesn’t have the same aspect ratio as the image, you’ll need to crop, the image or change the rectangle or use the clipping mask.

If you aren’t maintaining the aspect ratio of the image when you resize it hold Shift while dragging a corner handle. Get it close and then use the clipping mask to finalize it if needed.

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Dave, this works, thank you. Not as elegant or fast as being able to drag and drop directly into a shape, but brute force works for now. Thank you for your detailed and fast assistance.

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