Is There a Problem at Trimble Today?

I tried to download the Utilities Tool extension mentioned in a post I’m subscribed to. In the process I got the message that I must login. Fair enough; I tried to login. I then got a message saying there was something wrong with my email/pw pair. On trying again, I got a message saying that “something went wrong” so I tried using the Forgot My PW route assuming I had the wrong PW stored. I got the message “something went wrong” again. I’m certain that I used the correct email addy each time. I’m running Version 16.1.1449 64-bit.

I think the problem must be with the extension warehouse server(s) at their end.

I’m posting to 1) let Trimble know and 2) find out if others have similar problems.

Try downloading from inside SU? If so, try different web browsers.

SU uses IE, so IE needs to be updated, cache cleared, and security set to medium.

As you type your email address in to recover your password, does the surround around the box turn green? If not, it’s not a valid email. If it DOES turn from red to green, then you hit enter and you still get this:

Then that login is not recognized by Trimble Identity. If that’s the case, are you sure that you don’t want the traditional Google login, and not the Trimble Identity login?

I had this problem (or a nearly similar one) and Trimble was able to reset something on their end to allow me to reset the password. (I’m not sure what caused it, if it was something with the TrimbleID login, or possibly on my end with an old Google account.)

Check your PM’s - I sent you one. We’re checking on this.

Thank you, Barry!!!

If I have a PM I don’t know where to find it. Nothing appears on my screen to indicate that there is one and I’ve checked all the links to the various pages.

I failed to provide a bit of info that might be useful (or not). I run Windows 7 HPE and my Firefox is 47.0.1. As far as I know, I’ve installed requisite updates. I can provide hardware specifics but I doubt any of those components contribute, but it’s been a very long time since I was a bit-twister.

If you cannot get to me via PMs, please don’t hesitate to email.

Again, thank you for the attention.

Thanks, d_b! I’ve not tried a PW reset in order not to confuse issues with, perhaps, different symptoms. It’s good to know that this is not an unknown issue and that it was resolved for you.

To find personal messages, first off, a number should have appeared up by your avatar in the upper right corner indicating some response. Anyway, click on your avatar to expand your activity. Messages are listed. Also click on the envelop icon, located in the same dropdown, to isolate messages.

AH! Subtle!

Guess I’m conditioned by what I’ve experienced on other forums. I see now that the envelope icon indicates a PM.

Thank you, catamountain