Beyond Annoying Password Reset For Trimble

This is beyond annoying! I have purchased a new iMac and am trying to get my extensions I’ve purchased and downloaded in the past on to the machine’s install of SU. I’ve successfully installed SU and signed in and registered the software. When I go to Extension Warehouse and try to login, it’s not accepting my username and password. I need to login to download my previous purchased extensions. I have done the reset password option, get an email with a link, click the link and enter a new password and click reset, the screen blinks like it reloaded after a reset, but doesn’t;t actually do it. Who the hell can I reach out to? The Trible website is of no help as there’s 100s of pages and nothing about Trimble Connect… HELP PLEASE SOMEONE!

There is an oddity in the reset password page, where if you have used too many special characters the page can fail.

Try setting a password that only has one special character.