Is there a pathway for changing a Trimble ID email?

I’m shutting down the email currently used as a Trimble sign in. Is there a working method of migrating to a new email?

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Actually, I have the same question, but it hasn’t become urgent yet.

For your license you have to start a ticket with M % S and they are able to switch the license association from their end. I did this successfully so my license is now associated with the new email, but I don’t see a way to change the sign in email.

You would normally want to keep the same sign in you use for all those extensions you downloaded, or that you used for your 3D Warehouse. models. The Trimble ID itself can be any email you want to use, and if it doesn’t exist, it can become your new sign in.

I don’t think this affects you, but for completeness, for people with subscription products who are going to lose an email address that is the admin on their account, we can add the new email address as an admin. The old email being the account owner is a tougher one. The easiest solution is to turn off auto renew of your subscription, then when the subscription ends you start a new one, with the new email as the owner.

For classic licenses, as you said, we can edit that, though if you are manually renewing a license M&S you can assign it to a new email address. For signing into the account page for classic licenses, go here, and there should be an option for you to update the contact email:

For 3D Warehouse, there is a way to merge models from one account to another. I haven’t done that, but I know who would be able to do it.

For extensions, I can transfer ownership to the new email address. That may be only needed for the paid extensions, your new email can install all of the free ones without them needing to be transferred.

Thanks @colin for that detailed run down. I’m going to try to sort this out using your instructions. I followed the link you included, but after entering a new email twice and pressing save, I get this message.

Did you try with or