Migrating / assigning Trimble 3D models to a new email address


Can anyone let me know if you can change a previous Trimble email address that contains Trimble 3D Sketchup models and migrate / assign them to a new account name and email address?

Any guidance on the process / feasibility would be greatly appreciate.


How many?
Best policy is to download them to your machine, create a new Trimble ID and then upload them again.
Also check this post:

We can do that. Can you send in a new support request, from the email address that the models are under at the moment, and give the new email address?

There may be a complication, because at some point you chose the Hide My Email option when you signed in with Apple. Your message to us may show up with that address, but I should still be able to send the models to the new account.


Thanks for the idea but too many to consider this option, I’ll take a look at the post though.


Hi Colin,

Fab, sounds like a plan, I will send a new support request asap and hope that it will work.


Still, a ‘hardcoded’ copy of your files saved locally won’t hurt.

You can mention my name if you like, to make sure my colleagues send it my way.

sorry, just sent it, I can give you the case number?

I do have a copy saved on a hard drive already but I like to upload 3D models that I create that might be of interest to other modellers.

Ah, you are talking about the 3D Warehouse…

I did the migration, check for an email from me.

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Was the email send to the Mac account? As nothing arrived yet.

I replied to the old email address. If you can’t read those anymore, just check your 3D Warehouse pages and see if things look correct.

email received, checked the 3D wearhouse and everything looks fine.

thank you very much for doing the migration.