Is there a more efficient way of resizing an object that does not involve scaling?

As demonstrated in the attached video, I had to use the line tool and draw a 2d rectangle, then right click on it to intersect faces, then make one side of the ‘split’ object a group, and then move that new group aside.

Repeat the first few steps again, then newly created split group is deleted, since I wanted to make the corner brace 1mm shorter (10mm scaled). To do the opposite (e.g. extra 5mm), it seems I would select the move tool, then do ctrl c, then use the mouse to move it up.

Edit: there’s no need to redraw the 2d rectangle, just use the move tool, and move it down the desired amount.

Scaling is not an option since the hole size would change, and so would the ‘thickness’ of the corner brace.

Also, is it possible to reposition or resize the hole on the brace, without the deleting the old one? I’d appreciate a demonstration if possible.
Edit: Yes it possible to do both, the scale tool seemed to work, and the move tool, after highlight the circle/hole area.

Skp file: 016_resize_split_object.skp (1.4 MB)

I’m not altogether sure what you are asking or if your edits mean you have worked it out, but here is a bit of something with the move tool.

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Hi @anon30843942, yes there is an alternative method you might find easier. I am on my phone. So I will try to succinctly try to describe to you as a first go.

Make a Unique copy of your brace component or make a component of your brace group and then Make a Unique copy. If you are still working with loose geometry, please make a component and Make a Unique copy.

Enter the unique component copy.

Use the Tape Measure tool and make a guideline in the z axis on one of the z axis edges of the vertical tab of your brace.

Position your screen view looking straight on the vertical tab of your brace.

Use the Select Tool and first position the arrow above and to the left of the vertical tab. Then mouse drag down and to the right the Select Tool to capture (highlight) the top curve and hole (back and front edges) of the vertical tab.

Switch to Move Tool. Place move tool on guideline, left click mouse and drag your highlighted geometry towards the bottom of the tab, click, enter 10mm.

Should be complete.

Thanks @box for your video solution to the OP.