Is it possible to use ruby console to open/recover .skp file with "unexpected file format"?!


I have the “unexpected file format” issue with my model and I was wondering if you guys think it’s possible to open/recover the model using command line in ruby console ?!

If yes, can you please provide me with the code to do that ? (Command to open a .skp file I have in my computer)

If not, do you have any other possible solutions?

Please note that I have tried the changing extension (.skb to skp) of my backup but had same issue.

This is the link for my model:

Many thanks.

I would say no. There are no tools in the Ruby API that provide better access than SketchUp ‘s own file opener.

Sometimes the Trimble developers can rescue a broken file but because the format is unpublished and proprietary there’s not much the rest of us can do.

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