Is it possible to export "scenes" as cameras to any of the 3D file formats?


I like to use SketchUp scenes to find interesting locations on a model. I’d love to be able to export out those scenes as 3D cameras in (say) a .dae or some other file format that supports it.

Is that already a feature in any of the existing exporters?


I asked about the same thing. Would love better camera export from Sketchup to work in post pro comp. FBX is supposed to export the camera but I do not get the camera when imported into composite program. I never tried dae though.


I do not have 3DS, but if you select that as an export option (using SketchUp Pro) one of the settings is “Generate cameras from Pages”. I am pretty sure Pages are what Scenes used to be called.


I don’t see that option in SU Pro. What version is that you showing? I’m on Windows 7. Your export options menu looks different than mine.

EDIT: Sorry…I was looking in the FBX export options. It’s there in the 3ds options. Will give that a try.


The 3ds export worked! Thanks for the hint!