Question about importing .dwg file with scenes

I just imported a dwg survey into a blank sketchup file. The import included 3 scenes. Does anyone know how the scenes were embedded in the dwg file? Ive never seen that before but it seems like it could be a helpful feature.

The scenes were taken from where the view was exported. So let’s say if I’m in Revit, in my 3D view and I export it to DWG, it will carry over the angle to that DWG file which in turn become a scene in Sketchup

The .dwg came straight from AutoCAD. I don’t think I’ve ever seen scenes come in from AutoCAD. It makes scene if it was exported from Revit.

Hm that’s odd, I’m not sure. You’re right, that could be a really useful feature. Let me know if you figure it out!