Importing dxf, dwg files into Pro14


I’m new to SU, and want to take advantage of some line styles for my models. Importing a dxf/dwg from Max2009 works fine, but the cameras do not match up. The cameras from the dxf file are noted in the scene dialogs, but clicking them does not give a view through the camera. I have 4 cameras that come in with the geometry - none of them see any part of the model. I see the horizon line, and some sky . . . . They do “move” - each view of the sky or horizon is different, but that’s not what the cameras were originally aimed at. (duh.)


Hi jazman,

Have you tried using a different file format for your model translation? Something like COLLADA (.dae) might be a better choice. I would expect it to do a better job translating camera properties, anyway.



I don’t thing that cameras/scenes can be readily transferred via the DWG file format. When I import DWG files into empty SketchUp files, the importer often creates a bunch of scenes out of somewhere (I don’t do 3D modelling in AutoCad so I don’t save camera views) and I have never found any use for them. Many features of the DWG format can only be accessed by Autodesk software.



Thanks for the replies. Collada geometry imported nicely, but no camera. 3DS file imported not as clean, and no camera. I imported a 3DS file into MAX (exported from SU) and that file came in with his cameras (scenes) fine. I could look through each of his cameras, and it was what he set up. I have searched the knowledge center for this topic - no help. . . .
What am I missing?