Autocad and Sketchup Model Views

I’m trying to migrate an autocad 3d view into sketchup. I need an exact match for rendering purposes. Any takers?

In SketchUp, you can bring up an undocumented Camera dialog as seen in the image. If you can find the same parameters in AutoCad, then maybe you can copy/paste them over.



If it is just the view (as opposed tot he actual file) you could use Photo Match to model a Sketchup representation of that exact image.

You can also define cameras/views in AutoCAD and then import this model into SketchUp. I think it should work.

PS. I will try to do it tomorrow at work.

I have tried my method, and everything is working. You can save views in Autocad and import dwg file into SketchUp. Imported file will have saved views as scenes in SketchUp.

That is probably how to properly do what I am trying to do, but I can’t figure out all those variables.

The views/scenes are not exactly the same in the two models, acad and sketchup.

Try to add camera with “camera” command. I think there is a problem with camera distortions, similar problem is in Revit and 3ds max, you can import only camera position.

I tried to use simple view from camera without any additional settings/modifications and it’s working.

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