Importing model from Autocad To Sketchup

when I import model from AutoCAD to SketchUp the model is not how it used to look like on AutoCAD the curves needs to be more smooth, on CAD the model is fine but on sketchup its distorted how can i fix it.??

First thing to understand is that arcs and circles in Sketchup are polygons. Always.

If you draw a “circle” in Sketchup, it defaults to a dodecagon, ie. a 12 sided polygon. Extrude it up into a tube and it will have 12 faces.

Not having access to true arcs and circles is one of the limitations of Sketchup that you just have to learn to live with. On the up side, you can increase the number of segments to make it look more like the real thing.

If you move from AC to SU (as I did), there are many things you will come to expect that you cannot take for granted will be similar.

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I find marking the radius point of curves in the auto cad drawings a big help before importing, then I can rebuilt the arc to the accuracy I want in SketchUp and always have a reference point it the curve gets exploded in SU

A sound idea providing you have some way of editing DWGs. A lot of us would just be importing into SU, our only (remaining) CAD software.

The process of importing curved AutoCad geometry into SketchUp is somewhat random if they are NURBS-based solids or surfaces. What you can try is importing at a larger scale, for instance using Meters instead of Millimeters as the import unit. Another is to convert the solids and surfaces to polygon meshes in AutoCad prior to importing.

I very frequently find my self simply using imported dwg files as a tracing guide to draw over anyway (you can accurately snap to all the relevant end and midpoints). The process of organizing a SketchUp model into meaningful groups and components means it’s often more tedious to pick through all the imported lines for just the ones you need at the moment than to just trace over them while drawing from scratch.