AutoCad drawing errors

Friends, when I zoom in on the drawing I made for laser cutting in AutoCad, I see some drawing errors. Do you have any suggestions that I can automatically see gaps and errors in drawings or correct mistakes automatically?

Please clarify your question: did you build a model in SketchUp and import it to AutoCad, or are you drawing in AutoCad for import to SketchUp (or if neither of these, what?)? Just trying to understand which aspect of this question is for SketchUp.

I made a drawing in SketchUp. I transferred it to Autocad. I drew it over the drawing again.
I saw that some lines did not meet when I zoomed in. I have to combine them one by one. How can I see Errors automatically in Autocad. How can I fix it automatically.

Maybe it would be easier to fix it in SketchUp. If you share the .skp file we could help you sort that out.

By the way, are you still using SU 2017 as indicated in your profile? What is the graphics card?

Thank you for your interest. I don’t want to keep you busy with my problem.

I can think of two ways this might happen (could be more, but these jumped to mind):

  • The edges actually don’t meet in SketchUp due to inaccurate drawing there. The best way to fix that situation would be to learn how to use SketchUp inferences better. Extensions such as CleanUp3 can help find and fix such errors after the fact.
  • The SketchUp drawing involved arcs or circles and was exported as a 3D dwg or dxf for import to AutoCad. Arcs and circles are represented as series of straight edges in SketchUp, chords of the true circle. But when exported as 3D dwg, they are converted to true circles. This can cause other SketchUp edges that originally intersected the segmented representation to overshoot or fall short of the true circle.