AutoCAD crash. Project due. Cant get Sketchup working. HELP1

help! Help,Help! Can I import an AutoCAD drawing into Sketchup and render it with Podium?

That depends on what is inside the DWG file. If the file already crashes AutoCad it might be corrupt.

Attach the file(s) if you want someone to take a look. With the info (almost none) you provide, your question is impossible to answer.


Hi Anssi,

Thanks for getting back to me. It is not the cad file I am worried about. I am just not sure if an Autocad file will transfer and renderinside of Sketchup. I have always modeled in Autocad and rendered with Accurender. My system crashed and Accurender is no longer availableso I am trying Sketchup to get me some product. I am three days into modeling and, as with any newby is is taking a while. I thought ifAutoCAD models work well I could build the think in AutoCAD so I would not have to model in Sketchup. YT, Kenneth Geoffery Haskin, RA

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