Better Camera Export Info via FBX


There seems to be a difference between Blender’s (and other 3D programs) camera and Sketchup’s. This is an issue for using scenes in a composite program like Fusion. When I load an FBX from SU, the camera does not show up in Fusion. But if I export FBX from Blender, the camera loads successfully. What is the difference in how SU camera is exported? I’m no expert or have no knowledge of how cameras are coded but I have a feeling it’s a coding thing and Sketchup’s camera is not like the cameras of most other 3D packages. Am I right?
If this is the case, is there a way we have better camera exports from Sketchup so they can be used in Fusion or any other composite program that deals with world position passes?


I figured out how to get Sketchup cameras in Fusion. In the 3D scene import options of Fusion, the title starts with FBX so naturally I thought that format was a necessity. Turns out I could use a 3ds, obj, dae, etc. through the same import options so I exported a 3ds from SU and it worked. Just reporting this in case anyone is also interested.


It’s funny how these really old legacy file formats like 3DS and OBJ linger on - today one would imagine the newer ones like DAE and FBX to work better.



I’m not sure I understand entirely what requirements Fusion has around importing cameras, but Collada is a format that was designed to be an open and extensible asset exchange format for the entertainment industry. SketchUp supports it very well, both on import and on export. We haven’t really been able to provide the same level of support to the Filmbox format since Autodesk bought Motionbuilder and began controlling access to the sdk’s that we used to build our exporter.

I think you’ll find Collada a much more modern and capable format than .3ds. Did you try “.dae” as an exchange format?



Thanks John. I just tried a Collada export and it does come into Fusion much smoother. Not perfect but better than the 3ds. What I see missing in the options for dae. is camera info. Is the camera automatically exported with Collada? I’m still trying to figure out how Fusion handles 3D scenes.


FBX seems to be the file type of choice for Fusion.