Scenes/cameras export in .dae?

On the Mac, .dae is a natively supported file format as of 10.8. In 10.10, if you double click on a .dae file that has cameras in it, Preview will open up and show you your file with a separate “page” for each camera.

I’m generating .dae files in my own apps using Apple’s SceneKit framework, which is how I discovered this.

I was disappointed to see that the built-in Collada (.dae) exporter doesn’t also export my scenes as cameras in the file format. It’s very easy (I wrote my own plug-in to do it), so I’m hoping that the SketchUp team will add this soon.

It makes .dae export from SketchUp infinitely more useful, without much work.

Thanks for listening.


Dr Wave

Thanks for the request. We have logged it in our system