Export to .DAE for Import into xCode

I have a bit of a strange conundrum. I am trying to export a model car I have created into .DAE format. Now I have no issues doing this and can use it in xCode but I am having a few issues.

My issue is that the chassis of the vehicles body is separated in all kinds of different pieces. For instance the main body is one piece(ID) but the axels are separate objects (ID’s). It essentially adds an ID for each specific piece but I am trying to make all of it export as a single object (ID). I have seen this done in other models but I am not sure that it is even possible in sketchup make 2017.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you looked at your layers panel, you want to have everything in a single layer as well as a single group (no nested groups).

However that said once you import it, it will then be treated as one object, so if you planned on animating it (turning the wheels or axels) that is not going to happen once it’s a single object again.

Understood, I am keeping the wheels as separate components because they need to be on a specific axis I just want the chassis to be one solid piece. I will try to put these all into a single layer. Thank you for your speedy reply.

It only shows layer 0 and exporting as a group just adds the group then all the separate id’s are placed inside the group. What I am actually looking for is one ID that encompasses all of the current ID’s it creates.

Can you share the model?

vehicleHotRod.skp (327.2 KB)

Yeah, here ya go.

vehicleHotRod.dae (296.9 KB)

Try that it works fine for me.

nah, still shows each portion as a separate ID.

You have extra geometry in the model that needs to be cleaned up, I checked the layers in Blender and there are a bunch of extra stuff as you say

However cant you select Group 0 and then merge the entire Group (minus the wheels).

You are my hero @liamk887 I selected the group and flattened it into a single object. Works like a charm now. Thank you so much for your help!

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