Group model export as 1 object

I have the problem when I import sketchup models to an other program the program consider this as a few objects. How can i make this objects as 1 object?
I tried to explode and then select everything and group, but this doesn’t change it.
I think one of the easiest way is to make it solid of make a shell of it. But how can i make a non solid object solid? Is there an easy way for this?
I’m looking for an easy solution. Any tips or ideas are welcome.

There’s too much missing information to be able to give you a good answer. Perhaps you could upload an example SKP file? What file type are you exporting your model as? What is the other program?

It really depends on the receiving application. I have an opposite problem. When I export a bunch of groups or components via DWG to another application, instead of remaining separate they become combined into a single object.


Ok I’m sorry, I found the solution.
I was exporting to .skp (but version 2014)
The other program was capture polar (from capture sweden, a lighting design program that can import .skp 2014 files)
The solution was exploding a few more times (just did it once but had to do it more) and then make group.
This solved my problem. Thanks for helping me :slight_smile: