Missing Groups when Exporting as OBJ/DAE/STL (2017)

When I export a whole model - some of the groups/components are missing, but if export them separately, they are all correct/complete. There is no obvious pattern, but STL is worse, then DAE, with OBJ less likely to drop/miss groups. I thought Guidelines may be affecting them - but not certain. Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks

Could you share the model? Upload here (7th icon above where you type your post) if less than 3MB, or via Dropbox, 3Dwarehouse, or another file sharing service if the file is larger.

Thanks for looking. STL/DAE are the the worse. OBJ often, but not always works.

Weighbridge - v02.skp (1.8 MB)

Well, it looks all right to me when I export to DAE.

Here’s what it looks like when I import it back to Sketchup:

I just opened your SKP model, chose File/Export to Collada (DAE), left all the options at their defaults, and clicked OK.

And here’s the exported DAE file, and the import back to SU
Weighbridge - v02.dae (1.6 MB)

Weighbridge - imported from DAE.skp (1.1 MB)

I can’t see anything obvious missing, comparing the original SKP and reimported version.

You have reversed faces on the corner bricks, which might cause problems 3D printing, but don’t seem to have caused a problem in the DAE export.

Why haven’t you made the bricks into components rather than groups? Your file size should reduce drastically if you were to do that.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at this. Still at a loss as to why it does it. Clearly there is something wrong with my version/machine - so I shall focus on that. Also appreciate the tip on component/group.

I wonder if you have created some permissions problem if you didn’t install using ‘Run as administrator’ when you installed SU? Though I can’t see why that would omit just SOME groups.

If you did NOT originally use ‘Run as administrator’ you should re-run the installer .exe file using it, and choose Repair to fix any such oddities. They may cause other problems, even if not this one.

for future reference, this did not fix my problem with dae export not rendering certain groups.

when the rest of the model is hidden, except for said group, the group prints. When the rest of groups are un-hidden, original missing group is missing again.