Cameras in Collada

I’m trying to use the Sketchup scene’s via collada, but when I export to collada all get is this:

<node id="skp_camera" name="Last Saved SketchUp View">
    <lookat>297.1699 -418.7683 141.1787 -1781.427 3805.251 -1676.804 -0.1590558 0.3232252 0.9328594</lookat>

This is the a 3x3 rotation matrix, but I don’t see the position of the camera anywhere in the .dae file. Is there anyway to get this information?

If you set up scenes, be sure to update the scene and that “Camera Location” is checked in the list of properties.
This must be done for each scene whenever you change the view, and before exporting to DAE.

If you are asking for Collada spec, I posted a link in this topic:

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