Is it possible to avoid merging polygons after exploding a component?

Hello everyone,

I am struggling to get this right and I don’t know if it is possible to achieve

I have a bunch of polygons imported from autocad (dwg, I have not tried dxf yet)

I get the whole group of polygons (plots) in 1 component, I explode that component and I get another level of isolated plot (polygons) but again in isolated components

I do again another explode but I as soon as I do it the polygons merge to each other

Is there a way to prevent this?


Exploding to raw geometry is supposed to merge all of the connected geometry. To avoid that don’t explode the objects. If you need to create separate objects, open the component for editing, select the geometry you want to keep together and make a component or group to contain it.

Why are you exploding the components in the first place?

Hi DaveR

I am using a plugin for urban design called modelur and it has to identify the root level of the sketch up file (in this case the polygon/plot) please image below

So that it can be transform into an ‘modelur’ entity, with properties like density, FAR, etc. Please see example below

If I do it like that I have to go one by one, opening the component exploding them and converting them into modeler entities. I have like 3500 polygons/plots


The “stickiness” of geometry is a fundamental part of LayOut. collecting edges and faces into group or component containers is the way you keep geometry from merging. Again, that’s basic to the operation of SketchUp.