Is it possible to add / use a simple existing pattern via Sketchup Web Free tier? If so how?

Is it possible to add / use a simple existing pattern via Sketchup Web Free tier? If so how?

Cant seem to replicate this?

Also, Is there separate HELP guide for Web Free version?

Keep running across this UI difference when I google for any How to…do. and then have to trouble you folks on forums.

You can use the Materials panel to add colors and textures to the faces in your model.

If you don’t see what you want there you can import your own images as textures or search the 3D Warehouse. You might find something you want there.

Thanks, chose > Patterns > Some dots for now using the Paint mug tool.

I hate the ask the following, but its part of another larger question - Is there a Sketchup Web help versus general help documentation? Cause most of it follows App GUI.

Back to subject:

Ideally would like to show a perforated type pattern look - Circles/ Dots or Oblong Slots.

  1. How do I import & try as patterns images I want to test?

  2. I’ve seen warehouse a lot, and mostly find products and models there. Wonder how to find and use Patterns to apply to my “surfaces” ?

I’d start here:

If you find a texture you want to try in the 3D Warehouse either as a texture or applied to a component, import that into your project. The materials will be included in the In Model materials (click on the house icon in the Materials panel) and you can apply them to faces in your own model.

Alternatively, if you have an image you want to use as a texture you can use the Import feature in the hamburger menu, top left corner, and choose to import as a texture.

What is it you are modeling and how will you use that model?

Thanks to your inputs, I was able to “Import > Drop Image > “insert as Material” and apply Paint bucket to Surface.”

Small little DIY project - metal bracket.

Quite limited this was cosmetic layer.

Ideally and maybe next step will be to apply a “measureable” material from a Vector file instead of an Image I used.