Is it a style issue ? - side on view of a curved roof shows unwanted lines

Not sure what to do here, these pictures explain the problem, the west elevation shows a clean roof, the south elevation looking along the curves show unwanted lines which are distracting and makes the drawing look a mess- I could mask them in layout but I’m thinking I may be missing a trick ? Model attached .

Coach House Forum.skp (1.1 MB)

Hello ! Uncheck profiles in style settings (or view > edge styles > profile)

Hi Paul,
Thanks Paul that works but doesn’t show in this case the true silhouette in hidden line - with monochrome etc. the silhouette is shown
I was hoping for a hidden line solution keeping all the view ports matching


There’s no magic ! I guess it would be just like in real life… If you have a smooth surface with no edge, no shadow and that the background is the exact same color than the object, you wouldn’t get any silhouette !

You can either give a color to the background (sky), turn shadows on, or even cheat drawing lines that will define the silhouette of your house if you really want to keep this style. Theses lines can be grouped and set to a tag that would only be shown in this or that particular elevation/scene so it wouldn’t interfere with the others

What you are seeing is an OpenGL artifact. Turning off Profiles can help. When I have a model that exhibits this sort of thing but turning off Profiles causes important edges to disappear, I don’t fight it. I just add some lines to stand in for the missing lines. I did that here and got this with your model.

I put those edges in a component and give it a tag so it can quickly be shown or not shown as needed. Here I’ve turned on Profiles and made them thick so the added edges show.