Extra lines in rendered models

I’ve been uploading some models I created in Live Home 3D in an effort to give back to the community. I’ve noticed that when SketchUp rerenders them, they have additional lines showing that aren’t even elements that were created in Live Home 3D. For example, in this model (Victorian Carriage House | 3D Warehouse) there are lines in the roof going from the dormer to the ridge of the roof. The roof is created as one object in Live Home 3D so I’m not sure what that line is, but is there a way to get rid of those extra lines?

Maybe a picture might help

The model is created from a lot of groups. You can keep them that way and hide certain edges or join groups and remove certain edges.

Learn the basics about groups and edge properties at:

Thank you for that info. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking at since I use Live Home 3D to create the models and the lines don’t show there, and they don’t show up when I reimport them back to Live Home 3D.

I tried turning off the display for hidden lines but that didn’t have any effect. I’ll play around in Sketchup to see if it is an easy thing to take care of.

Since they haren’t hidden edges in the SketchUp model turning off Hidden Geometry won’t have any effect. To make the model more useful and easier to use in SketchUp, you could edit the model in SketchUp to explode the unnecessary nested components. Remove the unneeded edges and faces and generally reduce the file. Even without dealing with the unneeded nesting, there are a lot of unneeded edges to clean up.
Screenshot - 12_9_2021 , 3_37_48 PM

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