Invisible drawings in both 2015 and 2016

I used to do some drawing with Sletchup and liked the tool, so I decided to reinstall it. (last installation got wiped away in a diskdrive-crash)
But version 2017 refused to run because of display-adapter issues.
So I got me a copy of 2016 and installed that.
It reports no problems but the familiar x-y-z axes don’t show and it draws with invisible ink.
Regardles of what I choose, shapes, lines, imported objects, the workspace stays blank.
I tried 2015 with the same result. Is this a known problem and is there a solution?

system Lenovo T410 (Intel HD graphics) with windows 10.

First step in SU2016: Go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and untick Hardware Acceleration. Any change?

Next step: Update the drivers for your graphics card.

What model exactly is the graphics card?

Even the Intel site doesn’t tell what exact type of GM graphics is embedded in the processor. The T410 is a 7-years old model.

Trying to get a graphics update from the Intel site might be a possibility.

I tried but they either crash in the last second or report that my graphic
card is way to old for them. It’s a 6th generation i5 processor.
Lenovo had loads of tools and drivers but they thoroughly cleaned their
site of all traces if the T410. T420 is their oldest model now.

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Jos Meijer

It sounds like it’s time for a new computer.

it is new. I bought it a year ago (it was tested for six years by a bank beforehand).
But it still has better specs than most low-end notebooks.
I misunderstood your first tip, probably flu cluttered my brain, but I did turn off hardware acceleration now (in the sketchup program) and thus made things visible again.

Hopefully you’re feeling better now.

Turning off Hardware Acceleration dumps the rendering onto the CPU instead of using the GPU as one normally would. The fact that your drawing shows up with the CPU rendering it indicates your graphics processor is not capable of doing the job.

You can run SketchUp up through 2016 with Hardware Acceleration turned off but that’s no longer an option going forward. So you’ll need a better GPU for subsequent SketchUp versions. If it can be replaced, I’d replace the GPU now anyway.

I have a new workstation in the scafolds with a Xenon processor, at least
8gb memory and a contemporary GPU. But I sometimes love to make some
sketches when in the countryside to be processed later. There is this
notebook for.
Glad it works again. Thanx

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