Hardware acceleration error message, Sketchup 2017 will not run

Hi All,
I am receiving a hardware acceleration message, acceleration is unsupported or disabled. Windows 10 with “current” intel series 4 chipset, Works fine with fusion 360 and turbocad 2016. Suggestions for specific updates or workarounds?
many thanks, donald k wilson

known problem, SU 2017 has higher demands to the graphics driver… try updating the intel driver either by the maker of your notebook or by intel itself.

If nothing helps, downgrade to SketchUp 2016.

If you mean the Series 4 Express chipset, this is far from current. I myself have an old student grade Dell notebook with this chipset. (They must be 10 or more years old by now.)

It’s drivers are no longer maintained, has OpenGL 2.1 support maximum, and has never been certified by Intel for use with any other versions of Windows but 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (and 8 with the WDDM 1.1 drivers only distributed on the Windows 8 installation CD.)
I still run Windows 7 Home on mine.

The latest driver available (that I could find) is dated 2012-11-14, and is the version number.

So, no, SketchUp 2017 will not run on a machine with this chipset, as this latest version of SketchUp requires a GPU that supports hardware acceleration under OpenGL v3.0.

If you had run the Checkup utility, it would have told you your machine is not up to par for SU2017.

@DanRathbun, isn’t the driver date 2012-11-16?

The date I gave is what dxdiag shows (on my machine.) The Device Manager Display driver details dialog gives another date a month earlier. So, basically it depends upon which of the driver files your looking at.

What you see on the website is likely the date the driver install package was posted.

Regardless, the version is more important then the date.

Hi, I have the exact same issue. I have a dell laptop with mobile Intel 4 Series express graphic chipset, I was using this laptop and sketchup 2016 to draw my kitchen plans.

I had to reinstall windows 10 from scratch and of course redownload and reinstall sketchup. But now the sketchup 2017 does not start (hardware acceleration not found).

Is it possible to download sketchup 2016 ? Would you have a link ?

You can get SketchUp 2016 Pro here. If you don’t still have the e-mail with your SU2016 license, SketchUp Customer Support should be able to help you get that information.

Run the Dell SupportAssist tool for updating the graphics driver to the latest version.

if the Make 2016 version free for private purposes download from here.

Thanks for the link but this page only offers 2017 version for download (unless I missed something)

Unfortunately the driver is up to date but it isn’t enough

You missed something.

I may need a pair of glasses, thanks a lot for your help.

I can look up a mail order place for you if you need it. :smiley:

You’re quite welcome.

The Mobile Intel 4 Series Express graphic chipset is
beyond end of life (see “Older Graphics Products”):

No more newer graphics drivers will be available.
This chipset supports OpenGL v 2.1 maximum !

(I know, as I’m using a notebook with this chipset as I write this.)

So, SketchUp 2017 and higher will not run on this system.


I know I need a new pair, myself.

I found a fix for my laptop with Intel 4000 graphic card to run Sketchup 2017.

  1. I installed the latest driver available from the manufacturer (Samsung). It was only available for download when using the latest Samsung Update application that can be downloaded from Samsung website. The version is:

  2. After that I downloaded driver from Softpedia:
    And installed the driver only using the Driver Manager -> Update Driver -> let me choose… Browse…

  3. After this update Sketchup 2017 is already working but I loose the ability to adjust the screen brightness with the Fn buttons or any other way (Power Options in Control panel also not working). But there is this fix:
    You just use RegEdit as admin, edit that key, reboot and everything is OK!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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I tried your method, but the driver file is an .exe, so it tries to install all files with setup but the card is not recognized, (says is not the same model), even I have a Intel Q43/45 express chipset…
Someone succeded with this ???

If you meant wooom’s post, … it is off-topic. (And I just flagged it as so … collapsing it.)
This thread was never about the newer HD4000 graphics.

This chipset is “older than the hills”. And cannot run any SketchUp newer than v2016. It is listed in the Intel “Older Graphics Products” that have been “retired” and will no longer have their drivers updated. And they are not supported under Windows 10!