Error Message - Hardware acceleration unsupported or disabled

I’ve had recuring problems with running Sketchup Pro on my 2017 Dell Inspiron 7000 and want to purchase a NEW laptop that will function properly and error free. My local Fixit Team had to step back to Windows 10 to allow Sketchup to run. I kept getting this error" Hardware acceleration is unsupported or has been disabled on your graphics card.
Please provide me with the preferred specifications for running Sketchup Pro and Layout on a Windows 12 based laptop. Thanks in advance for your help.

Get a laptop with an Nvidia GTX or better graphics. 12th gen i5 cpu, 16 gb ram and 512 gb or larger m.2 ssd. Start there if buying new.

Thank you for the spec info!
I’ll definitely follow your lead!
Chuck Stratmann

We’ll this is where I’d start looking. I have an older i7, GTX based laptop that worked well with CAD and SU pro. Similar with my current desktop. The i5 is good for modeling but if you render you might need more.