Intersecting lines not connecting to create a face

This is becoming a nasty problem, but when I draw intersecting lines to create a face, they don’t connect. I can go over and over the lines, and still it appears that the lines are floating above and below each other, but I’m drawing on a surface - so there’s no excuse. What is going on?

Without something to see we are guessing.


Set Model Info > Units > Length-Snapping OFF

Ensure that the inferencing tips are followed as you draw.

When you click was the inference tip saying on face, on edge etc ?

Have you checked your Graphics Card’s compatibility and settings, and that it has up to date drivers installed?

In your other thread (Select won't work the same in SketchUp Pro 2018 - #2 by liamk887) @DaveR already mentioned that you may have run into a graphics card rendering issue. Has anything improved (hardware / better drivers) since?

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