Intersecting a cylinder and a rectangle?



Ok. I tried scaling up like you said, and it worked, but how do I get it to center back to the origin?


Did you look at the link to The Dave Method tutorial that Box supplied? Did you read my reply to your private message?

If you started out by drawing it centered on the origin and you use the method we’ve told you to use, you don’t have to do anything to get it centered back to the origin.


Did you look at the new one I did just for you?


Yes, I watched but I was unclear on how the first circle component was affected by the copy that you made.


They are instances of the same component and as such anything done to one will be done to the other.
That is the whole point of the Dave Method. Which I explained in the tutorial.


New question…how do I intersect faces like you did? When I click it, everything gets greyed out


Nevermind…fixed itballjoint1.skp (687.8 KB)


Now that part is resolved, what about getting a rectangle/square on the base properly? If I attempt to extrude this, then it hollows out.balljoint1.skp (706.0 KB)


One of your arcs is over size causing a second face to form, you need to either remove one of the faces or fix the arc.
Actually more than one of your arcs has a problem.


none of the arcs are adjacent


Ok. that fixed it. Thank you.


I think you mean tangent.


:slight_smile: thats the word!


Got it nearly done now, the problem I’m encountering is that I can’t extend off of the face of the square.

balljoint1.skp (703.9 KB)


When I go to export this, it behaves as though there’s only the outside wall on the top.


No idea why it is not working as you haven’t given a model to look at.

For future reference, this is the method I would use to make such a shape.


I’m trying to copy this…I need to offset it because the camera that I’m using bumps the mirror.


Is there a question there?


hello, have you tried this method ?


I’m assuming you want to offset the hook.