Intersecting a cylinder and a rectangle?



I am having a lot of trouble getting a rectangle to align properly with a cylinder. I am attempting to make an offset mount for a camera and no matter what I do, the rectangle is always canted to one side slightly or in the wrong place.


Can you attach your model so we can see what issue you are having.


Here’s the latest attempt. So far I’m not doing well. The ball is the proper dimensions, but the cylinder is canted, and attempts to connect it to a rectangular base have not gone well.balljoint1.skp (334.1 KB)


Try using the same circle for both the sphere and the cylinder.


Why is it when I click on “follow me” my sphere has holes in it?
balljoint1.skp (392.3 KB)


Your sphere is right on the edge of the tiny face failure issue.
Have a look here.


I tried doubling the size and I still have the problem.


Another way

C - for circle
L - for line
Shift - for direction X/Y
Space for select circle and change number of segments
C for circle - arrow left for X direction (green)
F - for follow me


It looks like you are drawing your circles slightly ‘Off Axis’.
When you draw them try to make sure you are seeing red, green or blue following the cursor.
If you look at the holes in the last model you uploaded the top one is smaller than the bottom one, so your segments aren’t aligning properly which can cause problems, and may be the reason it is still failing at twice the size.


How do I do that? It doesn’t seem to work


I just tried doing it on the origin and the same thing with the holes happens


Look at the axis tips, see how it tells you which axis you are on, and turns black when not on an axis.


How are you getting it to snap to an axis? I can’t do that for the life of me.


Do you mean the plane on which the circle is drawn or the axis it is pulled on.
If the first it is done either by camera angle, orbiting so you are facing the right direction, or using the arrow keys to set an axis.

If the other, not sure what to tell you, pull in the right direction.


I can’t do it for some reasonballjoint1.skp (712.4 KB)


You’ve increased the number of segments in the circle which makes even tinier faces to fail.


I can make it but it still has the small hole there.balljoint1.skp (661.3 KB)


What is the diameter of the ball and how many segments do you want in each plane, you used two different numbers on your circles so I need to know what numbers you want?


The diameter of the ball is 15.7mm and the shaft is 6.5mm connected to the sphere but increases to 11mm toward the mount(which I haven’t gotten to.


As I mentioned above and gave you a link to the tutorial, the size you are working at is too small, but by using the dave method it will work.
As demonstrated here, the first go is with your exact sizes, doesn’t work, use the Dave Method and it does work.