Got another issue - I can't do this ball

I am trying to recreate the photo

I have the ball and the holes but attaching the outer holes to the ball is a problem. The center ball was no issue.

If I just intersect the shaft with the model, there are places that do not connect. I can fix them but it is a pita.
There must be an easier way.

How is this done?

Do you want the outer wall to have thickness, too?

I expect you need to work at a larger scale before the Intersect operation.

Make sure you correct the face orientation when you get the holes inserted.


I think I would do this way.

You can even draw the circle around.


I did mine using the following extensions:

  • Quadface Tools: it helped me to select the whole ring just selecting one edge with hidden geometry turned on.
  • Tools on Surface: To offset the circle
  • Fredo6 JointPushPull: to pushing in the circle.

If you need more help or if you have some doubt don’t doubt to ask.

Without know the specifics of the sizes and the internal structure, I would use this method to fit the tubes to the ball.


I didn’t zoom the original image, I thought it was empty inside.

OK BOX - it is clear there is a lot more I need to learn…
My system doesn’t even boot that fast.

There is one problem. When I intersect the faces, 2 of the columns do not intersect completely. There is a small piece of the oval missing. The rest are fine. Any idea why?
I am doing this at x1000
If I close the gap, the rest is fine

Can you attach your model so we can see what might be causing your issues.

Even though applying a model that is x1000 of what you need, there is always a chance of creating a new edge somewhere that is too short when intersecting faces with …(model/selection/context). It depends on how the (to be) intersected parts are placed relative to each other before the operation. This might be the cause of issues you experience.

I found the “problem”. When I created the outer circles for the columns, I positioned them by creating a circle - which I really didn’t need, but it was a leftover from the way I was trying to do it. When I created the column circles, they attached to the guide circle. When I deleted the guide circle it took with it the piece of the column circle attached to it. I had a high segment size so I didn’t notice it till it showed up on the face of the globe. I just redid it with the default segment size and it was obvious.
Thanks for your help.
PS - on thinking about that, why would it do that? If I erase a line attached to another line it only erases the line I selected, not any attached lines…Well, I did it again and it did not erase the pieces this time. I have no idea what I did different.

Hi Box,

I just found this video clip you made and noticed you have a tools palette with the dimensions etc all as one… Is this a plug-in or can it be created within SU? I like the idea of the customizing the tools palletes.


Wolf from NZ

I have explained how in This Thread.

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Thanks Box!

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