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Alright I love Sketchup, however I’m having a hard time finding a way to connect 2 parts seamlessly without the sides messing up. 2 cylinders different sizes, one is 200 sides and other is 98 (however I wish was 200 but the program doesn’t allow due to radius being at 0.4mm). Anywho I’ve tried making a component, exploding, interfacing however the big cylinder and the little both distort once connected and I was wondering if around this glitch?

Thanks a noob here,

3rd pic illustrates when intersected. Is there some additional feature on Sketchup Pro that could help or does make have it?

First of all, for the size of the model, 200 sides is overkill. You just don’t need that many.

Second, have you tried scaling the model up by a factor of say 1000 before doing what you are trying to do?

Also, make sure you keep up on correcting face orientation. I see at least one reversed face or maybe it’s a hole.

And may the force be with you!

It may be overkill however this is 4.6 cm tall and 1/6 scale so for my 3d printer 3rd party many detail faces equal higher resolution print. I mean I’ve gotten to a point where I thought I was close, but then when I try to delete the back that extrudes in the model it deletes the whole faces even intersected. I’m trying my best here. lol

I mean this what it looks like without final touches of the buttons on cylinder. (Older render that I redid a bid in the lower section but still same)

Here is a quick animation of intersecting the 200 sided circles.

I built it at a random size as the button is almost 20 ft tall. No big deal since now I can use my tape measure to scale it down to whatever size it should be.

Here is a video showing you how to use the tape measure tool to set a scale.


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There is a discussion about the number of segments needed for smooth-looking 3D prints in How many points for a smooth curve?

To me it appears that for a circle with a radius of 0.4 mm 200 segments is about 20 times too much for any 3D printer out there.


@ ChrisDizon or anybody.

Here’s a segment to my model. See if you figure out what I’m doing wrong cause man I have another model that requires 4 more of these buttons like this.

Help.skp (412.8 KB)

As was a guess in a previous post, you have a scale issue. When intersecting the button with the main section, it gets… funky.

If you resize the entire thing up by 100, it connects nice and smooth…

In this animation, the first intersection is at standard scale.

Then I did a couple Undos.

Then I scaled up by 100.

Second intersection looks much better.