Interior wall texture?


Will someone please help me find a free interior wall texture (like a typical painted wall)? I’ve searched sketchup texture club and, but all I can find are plaster textures. The plaster texture is different than interior paint. Some interior walls have different textured paints or are smooth paint. But I can’t seem to find any. I’m not sure if they don’t have any on those sites or if I’m not looking hard enough… It’s just really important to me that the textures are free, so those two sites are my favorites. I can find some on Google images, but I’m not sure if they’re free to use… Looks like the source is a blog, so I don’t know if they just found it somewhere or if they made it themselves…

I even checked, but couldn’t find any painted interior wall textures. It’s all plaster that typically goes on the exterior.

Using a flat color looks pretty realistic, but it’s lacking texture if you compare that rendered wall to an actual interior painted wall.


What render software are you using?


Twilight Render V2 (hobby version). It allows me to use bump maps too, so that’s an option…


I got an idea to use a stucco texture as a bump map.

Stucco Texture

For the next render, I used the same texture, but I set it to a paint template, set the color to beige, and set the bump to SketchUp texture.

This one has bump size set to .5.

It’s not perfect, but I think it looks similar to a painted interior wall. Normally, painted walls are close to being a solid color (except grunge, tack marks, etc.) and the bumps create most of the texture we see.


Looks good on your little material preview…did you use it on an interior wall render?


Thanks! Yeah, I made a neon “Merry Xmas” sign and used a stucco texture as the bump map to imitate a painted wall texture. I think it turned out relatively realistic.

Here’s what the model looks like before rendering. I changed the color of the lights & wall in the render materials.


Looks good!