Looking for graffiti textures

Graffiti textures are important for creating a realistic looking street scene. I already checked textures.com, pexels.com, google images, bing images, sketchuptexturesclub.com, and more, but I’m having difficulty finding realistic textures of graffiti. I was only able to come up with these two graffiti textures (the light bulb’s not even graffiti, it’s a piece of art) and I’m not satisfied with them, so I figured I’d ask around. The textures I’m looking for need to be:

  • Transparent
  • Realistic
  • Photograph (not computer art)
  • Royalty-free (Even though it’s for non-commercial use, I’d still like to have permission to use the images because I might post images on this forum. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by using their photography without their permission.)

It’s worth noting that textures.com has tons of excellent graffiti textures, but only one of them is transparent. So I can’t use them. I don’t have photoshop and don’t know how to remove the wall texture from the graffiti textures. I feel like hand cropping them would take a long time. Is there an easier way to make these textures transparent without photoshop?
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I believe GIMP is a free opensource photoshop type program. I’m sure you would wouldn’t take long to figure out how to isolate the graffiti textures and save them as png’s. You could then bring them in and place them a fraction of an inch in front of a wall texture ( to avoid z fighting) and hide the edges (if texture not image). Also turn of cast shadows otherwise the whole bounding area will cast a shadow if you turn the sun on.

Not sure how realistic it would be inside of sketchup? but a renderer would help. It may prove easier to combine the graffiti with the wall texture before applying it to the model too? then you can use some of the blending modes to merge them more seamlessly.

To clarify, I layered the textures in SketchUp. The decals are 1/32" from the wall to prevent Z-fighting. I already turned off shadow casting just like you said.

I think it’d be way harder to combine the graffiti with the wall texture first. There’s a learning curve, so I’d rather just do it in SketchUp. I’d prefer to have a textures folder of transparent graffiti. I checked out GIMP a while ago and was impressed with the program, but can’t figure out how to install X11. Also, I feel uneasy about downloading GIMP from BitTorrent. Or maybe there’s another free image editor for mac… I’ve looked around though and had no luck. Wait… There’s Autodesk SketchBook. I already know how to use it & could paint transparency with that. Idk… Preferably, I’d like to find transparent graffiti textures.

there is a direct download from their site, supposedly safe… so no bit torrent.

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I missed that. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m still not sure about X11 though. I’ve tried downloading X11 multiple times, but for some reason I can’t figure out how to get it to work.