Painted brick texture

Hello all, what would be the best way to make a painted brick texture? I tried to use a brick texture and just change the color but it doesn’t achieve the results that I am after.
Thanks in advance.


Do you have a picture of what you do want? You could just import that and use it as a texture.

I have a picture but it not one straight on that would make a good image. It’s in an existing office and I am trying to replicate it. Here’s what it looks like…
Thanks Aaron

It takes just a min to make a texture seamless (ie so it tiles or repeats in SketchUp). You need a good starting photo of the brick wall you want and Photoshop. See here for the rest:

Let’s let the original poster respond as to what solutions helped or not :wink:

Thanks Eric, yes a seamless texture would be best as I have a long wall to apply it to. This is a proposal to redo a library’s admin area. The wall in question used to be the exterior wall before an addition back in the '80s.

Sean, you can create your own HI-Res PBR seamless texture with Quixel Mixer (free for now)

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Thanks mihai, I’ll certainly take a look at it. :slight_smile: has some painted brick.

Is it for 2d presentation or 3D render?


I’m trying to get a render together. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

How’s this? I added bump and reflection maps so that the ‘paint’ reflects a bit of light depending on the viewing angle. Also I just used @whiterabbitdesigncompany 's texture. (I’m also aware the scale is off ;))


Yeah I am using the one he posted as well. Thanks again all :slight_smile:

rough attempt to see it in situ


#nailedit. (That’s nailed it…not nail edit :wink: )