Creating individual bricks in sketchup 2018

I am in the process of building a component of a single brick but I would like the resulting wall I create to have4 variations in color like real bricks would. Is there an easy way to do this in sketchup comp[onments? Do I use an attribute of the component and a random value within a range to vary the color of the bricks or do I need a large number of similar textures that I can swap in and out for the different instances of the bricks. an anyone help me get to my goal?

Are you making a dynamic component?

DaveR has the lead,

I think you need to investigate Dynamic components - shouldn’t be too hard

Dave is spot on if you want the geometry, but you’re more likely to only need a texture.
An explanation of what you need as a finished result would help.

As @Box said, what is you’re goal?

If you’re goal is to get a ‘mixed’, randomized look of bricks, you are better of with a texture.

Some manufacturers of bricks have ‘texture-generators’

Select some different stones, choose the proportions of the mix and it will generate a seamless texture, ready to import as texture in SketchUp.

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