Simple question about color copy (newbie in SketchUp)

Guys, pls help me. The pool wall is made up of individual tiles. Each tile has a different blue color (not a texture). I need to select some of the tiles with that colors and apply them to all tiles in the pool so I don’t have to do it manually.

Hello, you can simply copy a whole set of columns that already have colors applied to them. But you might have a feeling of repetition.

What you can do is use one of the plugins that have been created to random select, such as this one :

(to install it, download the rbz file, go to window > extension manager > install extension, pick the rbz file. To then use the plugin, it would be in the extension menu)

you then have different approaches. The one I’d choose would be :

  • creating one component for each color. (with for example, as names : tile 1, tile 2, tile 3…)
  • make a wall with multiple copies of one of them (lets say tile 1)
  • select all of them, and use the random selection plugin (with 25% if you have 4 different colors)
  • go to the components panel right click on tile 2 and pick replace selection
  • in the component panel, right click on tile 1 and pick select instances, repeat the operation adjusting the % in the plugin (then 33.33% then 50%…picking tile 3 instead of 2, then 4…,)

this method is very useful to randomise anything and I use it a lot.

you can also use the plugin and paint directly the remaining selection, that would be another way.

(I remember using a plugin that would randomly replace selected components by other components among a chosen list, you can use that too if you find it)
(and of course, you can use a texture instead of modelling each tile :slight_smile: )

since you are new to sketchup, here’s how to quickly make a wall / floor out of a tile :

select your tile
pick the move tool (default shortcut : m key) hold option key (since your on mac - otherwise ctrl on PC) to make a copy and then multiply (*x) x being the number of times you want to repeat the operation